martes, 13 de abril de 2010

my movi!!

the chetach girls 2

1.director : Kenny Ortega

2.release date : 25 th Agust 2006

3.genre : Comedy ,drama, family , musical

4. tag line cheefach-licious the party is dust begun!

“ Cheetach Sisters “

5.-plot : the sequel is filled with “cheetach-style” adventura drama and humos. The escapade begins when galena enters the groups in Barcelona music festival, atres continued.

6.cats : Raven Symone ……. Galleria

Adrienne bailon ……. Chanel

Sabrina bryan ………. dorinda

Riely Williams ……. aqua

Belinda …….. Marisol

Loor alter ……..Juanita

Abel folk ………. Luc

Golan yosef …….joaquin

Zynn whitfield ……….dorothea

Rim manning ……… lola

Rosana postar ………..arannet

Peter vives newey …… angel

Richard felix …….randolph

Guillermo ayesa ……….Sr Reynosa

Sie flack ……. Sr Reynosa

Movie scene:

Par II

1. Barcelona in day, I am exhausted!


2. OHMMMM GOD CHEETACH! WE CAN HEVER LOOK LIKE TOORIST garcon, see?? I would like a diet cola ;I would also like a glass fill to the top with ice. I would like a side of lemon wedges could you not open the cola? Gracias.

3. Por favor una cola dieta con limon e hielo para todas por favor, gracias

4. Like i said never turist

5. Shhh! What is that?

6. Oh many soohes have you ever seen anything that was too perfct.

7. Oh! That is not something we cant find ina guide book

8. Calmate : easy girls….

Plot : and the spirited foursome ( escorted by gallerias productive man dorothea and channels’ mothe Juanita) embarks on a journey of a lifetime but things get way more complicated once the four best friends arrive in españa : they meet Marisol, a talated solo singer and her manager lola. Who unknown to the cheetach mal lead their group to break up , they have shown the sinhts by Joaquin, a hadsome young tango dance,who falls future for dorinda ; the fashion bug bites aspiring designe aquanette, chanel questions the future begins to lose faith in the cheetahc redo, and the cheetach dreams of becoming stars many he closed forever when they are informed they be broken a stringent festival rule.

7. trivia : gallerias Room was built in set from a warehouse since the apartments in spain don’t book anything like New York

Goof :confinuity :when the girls go to the train station to stop gallieria from leaving, channel braids repeatedly jump about on her shoulders between shots.

Quotes: channel: “ we gotta struit down these strrets pike there runways let basrcelona know the cheetahs have arrived.

9. Review: this movie was good or better than the first. It may have to do with Kenny Ortega as the director or it is in spain so….. it was cool to see what they had to accomplish next and I hope they make a third. (3rd). this movie is about being with your friends, trusting people and “ knowing that you and you and your friends can have the same dreams but have different ways of doingit “also “ your friends are hot your twin they probably will like something different but you cant or showoldnt hate them for it : the cheetach girls made both comments. This movie has a lot of hot dances and songs along with a great plot pine. I do think people should whach this and if you don’t learn something, your loss!!

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Quit smoking

That’s a common habit that is bad for you

Why do people do that?

Because they are nervous or they doesn’t have a healthy life and a good mind.

Slogan: Enjoy you life, be yourself and take care of yourself, quit smoking =)


You can quit smoking:

  • By using nicotine replacement therapy – using nicotine chewing gum, nicotine patch or nicotine inhaler.

    *By stopping.
  • By stopping cold turkey.
  • By Eating chocolate
  • Doing exercises or yoga

Effects an consequences:

* Long term effects and consequences include: Lung cancer, emphasema, heart disease, and ulcers.

A: Hi maria how are you?

B: Hi .. I’m not so good. I feel terrible

A: Why?

B: Because I have a headache

A: Oh that’s horrible. Well I think you should take a rest.

B: NO , I can’t take a rest because I have to do the housework

A: Why? Your mom can do the housework, can’t she?

B: Of course she can but she is not here , she is in Spain with my father on vacation.

A: Oh I understand , well you should take a pill

B: Yeah . I’m gonna do that.


MY HOUSE: When my dog fell down of the balcony
MY PARENTS: We played in our bed all together
MY BROTHER: We went to the amusement park
MY GRANDPARENTS: She took me to the park
FOOD: My mum force me to eat vegetables
MY FRIENDS: I was with my friend and a crazy woman attacked us
MY TOYS: When my parents gave me a doll house
MUSIC: When i sang my scool
VACACION: When i went to the beach with my boyfriend

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010